A Cran, Melbourne

Recently, I had cause to appoint Ms Zinta Harris, Lawyer, to contest the Will and the granting of Probate in a deceased estate matter.

The case facts commenced more than 37 years ago, in December 1975. Zinta’s thorough approach to the matter ensured that she had a detailed and working knowledge of the file matters, as though she had been there on the journey from day one. The research initiatives were exemplary. Zinta demonstrated an understanding of the laws and legislation that applied over the history of the file.

Her interpretation of the facts and personalities involved were accurate, as was her briefing of the likely process that would unfold. Stage by stage, as the matter progressed, explanations of the process, law and likely reactions were correct.

Without revealing the nature of the case, beyond saying that it was about contesting a Will, Zinta was instrumental in seeing this case settled before mediation, after protracted negotiations over an 18 month period. Zinta’s services were timely, cost-effective and the matter was settled, demonstrating her outstanding professionalism.

It is with pleasure I strongly recommend Zinta Harris as a lawyer, extremely proficient in the areas of estate and associated commercial law matters.

S.R., Sydney

Zinta I would also like to express my sincere appreciation for everything you have done for J and also say that the kindness you have extended to J and myself in this matter has been very much appreciated!

B & C R., Brisbane

We still remember you guys and appreciate the help you gave us through those difficult times with a great outcome.

A.L., Brisbane

Thank you so very much for everything you have done for me over a relatively short time. You must have worked with a wonderful, caring attitude and great commitment. Your beautiful personality and dedication to your career were always evident and I sincerely offer my thanks for your hard work and your kindness to me during a stressful time.

My friends don’t believe a Solicitor could have such a kind heart, thanks for proving them wrong.

Margaret, Brisbane

It’s been a true comfort having you all help me through this very difficult time. You have all been wonderful. Can’t thank you enough! Your support through it all along with knowing God was in it all was priceless. Thank you all!

S.S., Brisbane

Thank you so much for giving your time & advice so freely. I really appreciated all the insights you gave me & I now feel more grounded & confident to make some decisions. You are a very inspiring person & I wish you all the very best in your new endeavours. Thanks again, I enjoyed your company!

Keith and Barbara, UK

I know that we have been saying this for a long time now, but we really cannot thank you enough for all the work you have done for us. We are so happy with the result you have achieved – a result which many would have considered not possible against the opposition you were up against.