Digital Assets on Death
Digital assets are intangible personal assets such as files and information stored on the Internet- on social networking sites, blogs, photo and video sharing sites, email accounts, online storage accounts, as well as online music and gaming accounts. These digital assets have economic value as
The availability of online documents and templates make writing your own Will seem easy and of course, cost effective. However, there is no substitute for legal advice from a qualified, experienced professional no matter how ‘simple’ you might think your affairs are. Over the years
Time to update your will
The very nature of life is that your personal and financial circumstances change throughout time. A Will which appropriately reflected your wishes and dealt with your affairs when it was created can be inappropriate or even revoked by changes in circumstances a short time down
Facebook Legacy Contact
Did you know Facebook has a Security Setting entitled Legacy Contacts which allows you to designate a friend or family member (but only one with a Facebook profile) to manage your Facebook account upon your death? A Legacy contact will not have full control of
Two 2014 Queensland cases have allowed “technological Wills” to be admitted to probate. In both of the cases, the formal execution requirements of our Succession Act were disposed of and the “documents” were declared valid because they met the other requirements of a Will under
A recent case involving a legal personal representative and how their duties as a fiduciary interact with superannuation. This case involved the mother and father of the deceased who were divorced. The deceased died intestate (without a will) and did not have a spouse meaning